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What Is Spravato?

The depression treatment journey can take many different paths. Talk therapy, lifestyle changes, and medication are all commonly used to help individuals manage their symptoms. For some people, one of the most effective approaches to depression treatment is using Spravato®. This FDA-approved medication is changing the game for people struggling with treatment-resistant depression.

Northeast Health Services offers Spravato® treatment in Danvers and beyond as a part of our treatment options for depression. Call 508.794.8711 today to schedule a consultation and learn more about this innovative medication.

What Is Spravato®?

Spravato®, also known as esketamine, is a prescription nasal spray that has been approved by the FDA to treat treatment-resistant depression. This means that it is specifically designed for people who have not responded well to other antidepressant medications. It was developed by the pharmaceutical company Janssen as a new option for those experiencing severe depression.

Spravato® works differently than traditional antidepressants, which often target serotonin in the brain. Instead, Spravato® targets glutamate, a chemical that is thought to play a role in depression. By targeting this different chemical pathway, Spravato® can help individuals who have not found relief from traditional antidepressant medications.

A good candidate for Spravato® is typically an individual who has been diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression. This means they have tried at least two different antidepressant medications during their current episode of depression but have not seen significant improvement in their symptoms. This medication is also beneficial for those who require immediate relief from severe depressive symptoms. As always, your healthcare provider will assess the potential risks and benefits to determine whether Spravato® is the best course of treatment.

What to Expect from Spravato® Treatment

Spravato® is administered as a nasal spray under close supervision in a healthcare provider’s office. It can only be given by or under the direct observation of a trained healthcare provider, and clients are required to stay at the clinic for at least two hours after receiving the medication. This allows the healthcare provider to monitor any potential side effects and ensure the client’s safety.

In addition to being administered in a healthcare provider’s office, Spravato® treatment also involves talk therapy sessions with a trained therapist. This combination of medication and therapy has been shown to be highly effective in treating depression.

Benefits of Spravato®

Just a few of the benefits of Spravato® treatment include:

  • Rapid relief – Many people start to see improvement in their depressive symptoms after just one or two sessions.
  • Improved overall functioning – With continued treatment, individuals may experience an improvement in their overall well-being and ability to perform daily activities.
  • Enhanced overall quality of life – By addressing the root cause of depression and providing relief from symptoms, Spravato® can help clients feel more like themselves and improve their overall quality of life.

In addition to these benefits, Northeast Health Services offers personalized treatment plans that may include Spravato® as well as other treatment options such as talk therapy and lifestyle modifications. Our goal is to help individuals find the most effective combination of treatments for their unique needs.

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At Northeast Health Services, we understand that every individual’s journey with depression is unique. That’s why we offer personalized treatment plans to help individuals find relief and improve their quality of life.

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