As of April 1 2023, all current Medicaid healthcare plan members will need to reverify eligibility for their insurance coverage. We encourage all of our clients to learn more here to ensure their health insurance is not interrupted.

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At Northeast Health Services, we understand the importance of making referrals simple and efficient. We believe that mental health treatment should not be hindered by long wait times for proper care. This is why our referral process is designed with speed in mind. Our streamlined system makes professional referrals easier than ever before, so your clients can get the psychiatric help they need as quickly as possible—all while still respecting their existing relationship with you. 

If your client is searching for mental health services, including counseling and therapy or psychiatry with medication management options, our team has the knowledge and resources to help. Contact us directly at 508.794.8711 today or fill out the form below to begin.

Please note that this form is not monitored 24/7 and is not to be used for time-sensitive needs or emergency situations.