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NorthEast Health Services’ brand new first episode psychosis program (FEP-TR) is designed to support individuals experiencing an episode of psychosis for the first time to get the treatment they need to recover and maintain the quality of life they experienced prior to their episode.

FEP-TR was developed in collaboration with the Cambridge Health Alliance Department of Psychiatry and Harvard Medical School. Program Director Dr. Lynn DeLisi has published more than 300 papers and books focused on schizophrenia and families with members who are at high risk for schizophrenia. Her research and writing also concentrate on early schizophrenia early on in the illness, particularly in its initial stages and after the first hospitalization.

Treatment And Recovery Are Possible

You don’t have to face an episode of psychosis alone.

Our first episode psychosis treatment & recovery program utilizes the latest psychopharmacologic and non-pharmaceutical therapies in an intensive integrated program aimed at recovery and resuming one’s previous quality of life. Our experts know that each client has different needs, so the program is highly individualized.

  • Our program is for individuals who are from ages 16–50, and of any gender, race, or cultural background.
  • Patients can be seen virtually or in person.