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Fierrette Pierre

Fierrette Pierre is a provider at our Brockton clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. She is an accomplished educator and therapist, deeply committed to the development and enrichment of children. She holds a Master’s in Mental Health from Cambridge College and an Associate in Early Childhood Education from Quincy College. Ms. Pierre’s extensive career includes significant roles in the mental health field and early childhood education, leading to her current position as a therapist. Her experiences further enhanced her professional path as a mother of two, underscoring her deep-rooted passion for supporting others. Her impressive resume is a testament to her unwavering dedication in various areas of her life. Fierrette’s influential voice, informed by her comprehensive life and professional experiences, creates thought-provoking narratives that instigate vital dialogues, foster understanding, and propel societal transformation.

Short Book Introduction:
“Daddy’s Rainbow Juice,” the inaugural literary work by Fierrette Pierre, provides a poignant and insightful look into alcoholism and addiction from a youthful perspective. In this narrative, Emma and her family’s journey, authored by Pierre, is informed by her extensive professional expertise and heartfelt commitment to child welfare. She addresses this complex subject with sensitivity and depth, inviting readers to explore the intricate realities of alcoholism and addiction through a child’s eyes. This unique and impactful perspective offers a distinctive understanding of these challenging topics.