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David Stanford, LICSW

I am a provider at our Foxborough clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth.

I feel honored to work with people who are deeply aware of their need for other people in their lives. I believe that we are broken relationally so therefore we are healed relationally. When someone is weighed down and overwhelmed with past trauma and abuse and they have been on a journey through addictions and broken relationships and need help discerning potential anchors and ports to help them find solid ground and centered peace I am blessed to join them on this journey. When people need help navigating a troubled marriage or broken relationships with friends, children, partners, parents, etc. I can walk beside them and help them find their way as I have had to find my way in most of these situations. When those suffering with symptoms of mood management with ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD or Depression I love to help teach skills that empower each person to daily manage their own emotions and lives. I am strongly motivated to help people reprocess past traumatic haunting memories to show them that they are and have always been bigger than the trauma that has threatened to keep their lives small, oppressed and hopeless.
I help people build a solid sense of self by learning DBT and CBT Skills. I teach how to develop a daily active relationship with yourself through advanced DBT Mindful Interoception. Once someone knows and embraces oneself I teach people the entire Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) protocol to help release the physical trauma trapped in the body and to center and empower oneself when they are not in a therapy session and on their own. I also help solidify the healthy sense of self with the Installation process of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and, finally, help them reprocess stuck-points in life or limiting trauma through EMDR.
I help couples/partnerships develop deep intimate connection and communication by teaching Imago Couples Communication combined with DBT to synergize a shared intimacy that most never felt possible before. I help parents with building their relationships with their children while also having a balanced sense of control at home while simultaneously empowering their children by learning how to apply Parenting With Love And Logic to each specific situation that they face in their families. I assess Neuro Dominance Profiles to help people understand and utilize their inherent strengths and to work with and give their natural weaknesses grace and patience to help them feel more peaceful and empowered in their relationships and occupations. I teach Educational Kinesiology Brain Gym Exercises to help people manage ADHD and mood management. I walk people suffering with addictions through a combination of DBT and CBT Skills to help them build a healing and empowering relationship with oneself and others and to apply CBT and 12 Step skills to find and maintain sobriety.
I utilize a special protocol of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help people quit smoking nicotine/tobacco products and to quit cold-turkey without severe withdrawal effects.
My life journey was always one where I had to learn the hard way with just about everything and was a child who suffered from debilitating self doubt and crushing loneliness. I learned quickly the shelter, wisdom and joy of others in relationship and as soon as I was able to receive healing love from others I wanted to give it back. I knew in High School that I wanted my life to be an expression of blessing and empowering others to be all that they could truly be and to shatter their oppressive fears by no longer being alone. I learned how to be the therapist that I am today by being in weekly therapy myself for many years throughout my childhood and adulthood. I have never grown tired of my profession and, in fact, am daily filled with gratitude for the ability and chance to walk alongside others and to help them find the way that makes most sense to them and to help them become the truest and most full expression of their true empowered self. I see my work as much less telling people what to do but rather to help each person find the truest expression of who they are individually, relationally and corporately.