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Catherine Tager, LICSW

I am a provider at our Lowell clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. Over years of practice I have had rewarding experiences with a diversity of clients with a broad range of presenting problems, strengths and challenges. My approach is to learn together to identify and support a change process that honors each person’s unique values and specific needs. Show up, be present, be curious, be open and I will do the same.
I have a variety of approaches in my tool box to assist clients to identify and reset emotional and behavior patterns that no longer serve, gain insight and identify and implement specific, personalized goals toward more freedom and joy in life. As a clinician in an Urban Community Health Center for many years, I have extensive experience with treatment of Trauma, Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Substance Use Disorders (and family impact of same,) Psychotic and Dissociative Disorders and Complex Grief, Suicide and Overdose loss as well as persistent and chronic negative impact of poverty, racism and other forms of psychic, emotional, material and physical harms caused by marginalization and inequity.
My primary goal as a therapist is for my clients to feel heard and seen. It has been demonstrated to me over and over that each person is their own best resource and I feel privileged to assist in the discovery, embrace and actualization of life goals. I am also dedicated to support learning and practice of evidenced based skills to relieve distress caused by stuck thought patterns and to enhance coping with difficult emotions that are a natural response to the challenges of life.