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Andrew Velasquez, LICSW

I am the Clinic Director at our Taunton clinic. I think of therapy as a partnership: I have more than a decade of experience working in various mental and behavioral health settings, but the client is the expert on their life and experience. I want to work with a client who is open and honest and wants to establish a positive relationship with a therapist and work together to help them forge a better path forward. An ideal client to me is one who is seeking support in finding ways to bring a different perspective to the issues that bring them to therapy and is willing to work toward creating new meaning and finding a better way to think, act, and feel. In recent years, I have primarily worked with individuals with mood disorders (such as depression and anxiety), but also have experience working with serious and persistent mental illness, substance abuse, and many other disorders/concerns. As a clinician, I often assign tasks (small assignments or thought exercises) between sessions, and want clients who are willing to think about what is discussed in a session before the next and is willing to try new things suggested to them before the next session.

People that I work with often say that I am easy to talk to; that I am understanding but can help them to challenge their thoughts, feelings and behaviors in a compassionate way. I have extensive experience in many different therapeutic styles such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing (to name a few). That being said, I appreciate a natural flow of conversation and would like clients to feel that the conversation is not scripted or something that I am getting out of a book, but rather delivering interventions through my experience and based off of is being discussed in the session.
Whether you are new to therapy, or are a seasoned client, finding the right person to meet your needs can be difficult. I offer a fresh perspective to the struggles that have been bothering you and hope that through building a solid relationship and understanding of one another, we can work to get you to a place where you are feeling empowered; where you have a more profound sense of self and self-love; and a better understanding of ways to overcome your concerns. I am an easy-going clinician and one of the things that makes me keep coming back to this work is seeing my clients succeed in ways they hoped for and in ways they never anticipated before.