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Amelia Henriques, MHC


I am a provider at our Newton clinic who provides therapy services both in-person and via telehealth. I utilize a person-centered approach as the foundation of my treatment, pulling pieces from other counseling modalities as necessary. My approach to counseling is tailored to each client’s wants and needs; in our counseling space, we work together as a team to empower you to conquer the challenges in your life.

Beginning the counseling process is not easy and can be fairly intimidating. Having gone through the process myself, I understand that seeking help for our issues is difficult. Yet, as humans, we all struggle at one point or another, and it never makes us weak to seek help. If you’re considering counseling at this point, you’ve already taken the first step toward growing. As a therapist, I hope to be someone who can take this journey with you; you are not alone.