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Saira Ayres, MHT


I specialize in mood disorders, behavioral therapies, and trauma work. I have a diverse background having worked with patients in emergency crisis, inpatient behavioral health treatment, and in behavior modification therapy. These experiences have allowed me to develop a unique therapeutic approach along with providing me with knowledge and skills in many different areas. I utilize a humanistic approach, meaning that I empower patients to use the strengths and skills they already possess in the process of healing. Additionally, I use many different theoretical approaches in my practice to provide my patients with the best treatment possible. Depending on a patient’s needs, I analyze what theories and methods will work best with them. This allows individualized treatment for each patient and enables me to address each of their unique needs. Some of the most common approaches I apply include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, existential therapy, psychoeducational therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, person-centered therapy, and more. I use these methods to work with people presenting with various issues or mental health concerns. One of my specialties is helping patients to process their trauma. This may be past childhood traumas or recent ones they have just experienced. I help patients to better understand their experiences and emotions while being careful that they do not relive their traumas during this process. I also assist patients to feel their emotions in a safe and manageable way which is often a difficult thing for people who have experienced trauma to do. For patients who are diagnosed or think they may have a mental health disorder, I work to help them understand their disorder while providing hope and empathy. Moreover, I help develop coping skills, goals, routines, and more to assist patients in navigating and healing from their disorders. Finally, I am always mindful of ethical codes and laws in my practice to ensure the highest level of care for my patients.

My philosophy of counseling is to empower clients to take back control of their lives. Whether they are taking control back from their trauma, an abusive relationship, their mental illness, or anything else that may have taken over their lives. I want to assist people in the long journey of saving themselves. I believe that empathy and authenticity are essential when interacting with everyone. I want my patients to feel comfortable knowing they are respected and will never be judged by me. I strive to support my patients by giving them my undivided attention and empathy in each session building a strong therapeutic relationship. To support a patient in their recovery and guide them to their own discoveries is the most rewarding part of being a therapist. I strongly believe that self-awareness, independence, self-determination, and resilience are key traits to good mental health. I work to build these traits in my patients so they will be successful on their own outside of therapy. My philosophy of counseling has many layers but the running theme is showing patients the power they already have within them and giving them the tools to unlock and use that power to its full potential.