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Matthew Clarke, MHC

I am a provider at our Lowell clinic who provides therapy services in-person and via telehealth. I work well with adolescents who are actively engaged in each session and are ready and willing to be present. I work well with clients who struggle with anxiety and depression. My client’s needs vary based on each individual’s situation. They are accepting of help and seeking support to help them manage these complex emotions. Wanting help and support is a major step towards seeing the benefits of therapy.

I believe that every client is unique and although a counselor will see similarities in clients over the course of their career, no case is the exact same. I also believe that building a relationship and learning about my clients benefits their treatment. Person-centered therapy is a theory that I use, and it allows me to tailor the treatment to each client individually. A active listening to engage with my clients and learn about their specific circumstances.
I want my clients to experience a therapeutic journey tailored just for them with an empathetic and person centered approach that ensures a safe space for self exploration and growth. My experience as a School Adjustment Counselor in a high school setting has given me valuable experience that allows me to provide the treatment needed to all of my clients.