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Marie Nelson, PMHNP

I am a provider at our Foxborough clinic who provides psychiatry services in-person and via telehealth. Our days, patients are faced with multiple challenges that prevent them from accessing healthcare, Such as financial constraints, lack of health insurance, transportation and long wait times to see a provider. The challenges are many and we all need to be part of the solution, providers and patients need to form an alliance in order to find a way to reduce the health disparities among certain populations. Patients need providers who are empathetic and show understanding towards their concerns and feelings. Also, it is crucial that there is clear communication between providers and patients for treatment to be effective. Patients are looking for providers who are trustworthy, reliable and have their best interests at heart. Respect and dignity are some qualities that patients value when it comes to choosing a provider. Patients need providers who take the time to understand their individual needs, preferences and values and tailor their plan of care accordingly. Patients are in search of providers who are accessible and available when needed, that is why I believe telehealth has an huge importance and is here to stay. This has become a valuable tool to help provide care to people remotely. Patients need providers who can empower them to be active in their healthcare, also educate them about their condition and treatment options, and support them in making informed consent about their health. Studies show that patients who have a good understanding about their health condition are more likely to adhere to treatment plan and follow up appointments.
As a psychiatric nurse practitioner I can help patients in various ways. I am trained to conduct comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and assessments to diagnose mental health condition, formulate treatment plan, and develop individualized care plans. Medications can play an important role in the management of mental health issue, with my prescriptive authority; I will be using medications when appropriate in combination with psychotherapy to help clients reach their goals. I worked as an ED psychiatric nurse for many years and I believe the expertise that I acquired has prepared me for my new role as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I will educate my clients/families members about mental health conditions, treatment options, medication management, coping strategies, and self-care practices to promote recovery and wellness. Overall, a psychiatric nurse practitioner plays an important role in providing comprehensive, evidence-based, and compassionate mental health care to individual across the lifespan. I would help clients address their mental health concerns, improve their quality of life, and achieve their treatment goals.
As a nurse I was very supportive to my patient, also very empathetic and understanding towards their situation. I have always been a strong patient’s advocate and always willing to listen and provide guidance. These qualities will only get stronger as I step into my NP role.