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Jimmy Bonilla Zarilla, LMHC


I aim to create a supportive environment, uncovering motivations and setting achievable goals. I encourage awareness of emotions for deeper self-understanding, ensuring each client feels valued and understood. I will also use movement and art interventions to enrich our work, offering creative expression and aiding in articulating complex feelings.

As a therapist, I believe in transparency and connection. I want my clients to know that I’ve navigated my own struggles with identity balancing my Dominican ethnicity with being a black man and embracing my connection to the LGBTQ community. Through personal experience, I understand the complexities of self-discovery and acceptance. Dance and theater have been my solace and empowerment, allowing me to express myself authentically. I share these experiences to build empathy and trust, creating a safe space where clients feel understood and supported on their own journey towards self-discovery and acceptance.