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Jessica Ferreira, LICSW


I am a cognitive behavioral therapist, trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, and Seeking Safety, working at our Woburn clinic. I can aid in strengthening resilience to then face the effects of trauma and heal. I work with my clients to take their power back and know their worth. I foster a trusting and collaborative space to be vulnerable without judgment. I focus on first building understanding of one’s experience as the groundwork for healing.

My clinical strengths are treating adults suffering from anxiety and mood disorders, grief and loss, trauma, anger management issues, substance use issues, intimate partner violence, parent and caregiver stress, and women’s health (particularly perinatal mental health disorders). I also have a passion for assisting veterans and first responders heal from trauma, as my background in correctional mental health care provides an understanding of the unique challenges faced by this population. My ideal client is someone who, no matter the presenting problem, is interested in embarking on a collaborative journey of self-discovery and healing. They need to change something so something changes. They want a trusting and safe space to uncover their strengths and learn ways to nurture themselves in order to manage through a difficult time and overcome what is no longer useful to them.

I don’t promise to have all the answers, but I promise to provide a space where you will feel heard and respected, believed and valued. I will ask the questions and offer reflection to aid in your uncovering of answers and new opportunities. One of human’s basic needs is connection; it is through the therapeutic relationship new pathways of our lives can grow.