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Emily Jessee, MA MHC


While I love working with clients of all identities and backgrounds, I have a particular passion for working with LGBT+ clients for a variety of reasons. It is important to me to create a space where LGBT+ people feel safe and respected enough to discuss the wide variety of issues that LGBT+ people face and allow them to process the impacts on their lives. Often times, many LGBT+ have a unique experienced of loss, whether it is the loss of family relationships, loss of expectations, loss of rights and many more. This identity based experience of loss compounds with the other life experiences that each individual has and requires particular understanding given in order to properly honor the individual’s complex lived experience. I have a special interest in working with LGBT+ clients because I am passionate about helping them navigate the complexities of being an LGBT+ person in our world and empowering them to live their lives to their fullest potential. My ideal client’s goal would be to better understand themselves, the relationships that have impacted them and the larger system that they exist in, and then to build on this understanding and take concrete steps to improve their wellbeing accordingly.

I utilize mainly person centered techniques, with an eclectic mix of evidence based tools dependent on the unique needs of each client I meet. Some of my approaches may include identifying negative relational patterns and focusing on systemic empowerment of the client to more concrete skills like DBT and other mindfulness techniques. It is impotent to me to take a collaborative approach to helping clients achieve their goals, as they are the experts in their own lives. Through the combination of their expertise on their lives and my education in the field, I believe we can work as a team to support the client and ultimately help them thrive!

My utmost goal as a clinician is to provide you with a safe and supportive space to explore the various aspects of their life that are causing distress. While working with me, you will be met with empathy, compassion and maybe a bit of humor as well! The relationship with your therapist is very important, I hope to create a space where you feel comfortable sharing your feelings and that you know you that I am there to walk with you wherever you are at in your life journey.