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Berline Charles, IMHC


In my experience, I’ve worked with neurodivergent children of all ages under 21 years of age. I would say working with children is ideal based on my current experience. However, I am open to all populations as I am looking to gain more experience with adults as well.

My specialty lies in leading Family Therapy sessions, primarily focusing on children as the main clients. I excel in two key areas: coaching and assisting families in developing coping strategies, life skills, social skills, behavior management, and emotional regulation. Additionally, I create and implement service or treatment plans based on a comprehensive assessment of strengths and needs, in collaboration with referral agencies and the individuals being served.

I want like my patients to know that I am an open, honest and empathetic individual who invest deeply into my clients needs and that I am here to be the best learner and helper that I can be.